Drawing and Painting Lesson

Art class offered in Richmond Burnaby:

Group Art Class rate
Term Rate: $216 (12 lessons per term)
Monthly rate :$88 ( 4 lessons monthly)
Drop in rate:$25/hour
Class size: 3 to 6 people

Private Art lesson rate:
Please contact for more information.
For students who wants to seriously study art, learn the necessity for further advancement in art field.  Improve skills quickly.  Prepare personal portfolio for applying art school or other purpose.

Adult Lessons
Oil painting Lessons, Acrylic Art Lessons, Colored Pencil lessons, Drawing Lessons

Children Lessons
Children oil painting, Acrylic or Drawing, colored pencil, and other medium group art lesson

Mixing colours, color throey
Painting techniques
Landscape rules
Still-life rules
Perspective rules

Acrylic Lessons

Oil Painting lessons

Drawing Lessons

Water Color Lessons
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Colored Pencil Drawing Lessons

地址:Metrotown area, Burnaby, BC



2 thoughts on “Drawing and Painting Lesson

  1. I am interested to join your group lessions. I am a totally beginner for paintings, interested in acrylic painting.

    Your lessions are on Sundays………what time?
    If for some lessions I am absent, can those lessions be replace on other times?
    Is there a duration on the scheduled painting lessions?
    When does your beginners class start?
    How many students do you have with beginners?

    Anyother awareness that I should know.

    Thanks, Josephine

    • We will start the lesson this Sunday 2 to 3 pm. The rate is $180 for 10 consecutive lessons- no make up lesson. Or you may drop in for $25 each time. The class is self paced as each student will work on their individual level. We will have 2 teachers help students. So far, there are 5 students in the class. If you would like to come, you may call me 778-836-8976.

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